Night of Worship Info

Hello, Choir!

Excited about this Thursday… Only two days away! I want to give you an update related to songs as well as a reminder about details to be prepared for this awesome night together.

* We will no longer be singing the songs “10,000 Reasons” and “Above”
* We will be adding the songs “Lord I Need You”—which may be familiar to most of you—and the ending only of “Christ Is Enough”.

* For MP3s and Lyrics of the added songs, please refer to the Dropbox link: // It should now reflect the accurate list of songs.

=== TIMES ===
* Call Time for the night is 5:00pm. Please sit in the first few rows in the front to the left of the stage. (Left if you are facing the stage)
* Dinner will be served after our rehearsal, but it might be easier to eat during the break after our first 6 songs.

* Night of Worship begins at 6:30pm.

=== ATTIRE ===
* Black or dark denim pants
* Nice top in the muted tones of these colors – black, navy, gray, or burgundy.
* No solid white on top or bottom, no hats, no t shirts unless worn under a nice jacket or blazer.
* No tank tops or cut off sleeves, no dresses or skirts

If you have any questions I can help with, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Looking forward to worshipping together!

– Socrates Perez